Sunday, November 19, 2017

Treasure bins

Zach and I schlepped the various large plastic bins of fabric into the living room so we could take inventory.

There's some beautiful lightweight white cotton for shirts and chemises, a gorgeously soft cream-colored linen with a herringbone pattern that will make a great under gown or two, wool in various colors and sizes, including  a pretty plum purple that is perfect for an over gown of some kind. There's several yards of velvet in a  couple colors, and a few scraps of silk. There's also several meters of lightweight wool crepe in off white and a dark red that Zach has claimed. And finally, nearly half a dozen rolls of trim of different patterns, widths, and colors.

Unfortunately I couldn't find the fabric I have for panels for the baby wraps.

So, next month, when we have a bit more of a budget, we'll head to the fabric shop, get some fabric for the panels, and a medium weight cotton to draft patterns for garb.

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